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Entrees constitute the core instruction. Traditional lectures are not included here because they are by necessity tailored to the needs of a specific class of students. Slide presentations, as well as images and diagrams useful in creating and customizing slide shows can be found on the internet. Power point presentations created while student teaching are included here as examples.  

Lectures are woven in and around chemistry demos and labs, which take center stage.  Live demos and labs are usually scheduled only once due to the significant preparation, supervision, and cleanup involved. However they are so important to the teaching of chemistry that ‘make up’ demos & labs (video clips & dry-labs) should be provided. (An example of each is included). Quick and clever demos can also serve as ‘appetizers’ as the surprise factor of ‘how does that happen?’ stimulates interest in learning the chemical principles involved. A class that routinely begins with quality demos experiences little tardiness.   

Running in parallel with content, the mastery of specific skills can be achieved over the course of the year.  For example keeping a lab notebook is an excellent way to teach documentation skills. Links to resources for three skills that can be mastered while learning chemistry are given below. 

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Ala carte items are the activities and projects used along with entrees to achieve lesson objectives and unit goals. The ala carte approach to activities and projects provides an easy way to incorporate Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (hyperlink) into the learning experience.  This gives students a better chance of playing their strong suite. (The Contract Unit)

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Projects are particularly powerful when students use them to teach others while offering opportunities for teamwork and peer assessment using rubrics.

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