Plan the Meal

There is no lack of nutritious items to pick from; lots of content is available for teaching chemistry. Textbooks easily run a thousand pages! However, teachers lament not being able to cover all the material while students complain about the load.  So as a dietician develops a plan adjusting total calories while ensuring proper nutrition, so a teacher develops lessons keeping a handle on total content load while meeting learning standards. Because after all sundry nutritious appetizers, entrees and deserts are collected, the empty calories (or content) must be trimmed!

Guidelines, for what needs to be included, run from the fairly specific (AP Chemistry Expectations) to the more general guidelines found in state learning standards. In this section, requirements relating to general science concepts (including chemistry) for the State of Illinois are given.  

But how to choose which potential topics or lessons are least essential? Apply a second criterion: can this lesson also address misconceptions the students may entertain? Below is a link to an extensive section on common misconceptions involving Matter and Energy to provide you with a different way to consider the value of various learning opportunities. 

Plan the Meal

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